Attimo is an instant, a moment frozen in time made of glass, this is the title for the sculptural outcome of our edition designed by the uber talented designer Hannes Peer.

Murano 6:00 am, at the earliest in the morning, as the heat during the day in the glass furnace is unbearable, the maestro starts applying two ardent ‘corallo red’ rings onto the transparent surface of a small glass bubble, everything looks effortless in his doing. He then flattens and covers the transparent glass with another layer. After that the spectacular part begins, the movements, the Maestro blows and rotates masterfully the glass bubble, so that the two ‘corallo red’ rings can spread throughout the vase while they move and merge inside the hot glass surface. It is like a dance and the glass is a physical part of this dance, at times it seems the maestro is leading this dance at times it seems the glass is finding its own will and way. This unpredictable nature of glass determines the uniqueness of that one frozen moment in time, each piece is its own ‘attimo’, an abstract composition of transparencies, strong colors and sensual curves.


Handblown Murano Glass Crystal and Corallo Red Vase

Edition of 22

Murano, 2019