Year: 2019
Architect: Hannes Peer
Where: Milan, IT

In Milan most of the beauty is kept from the eyes of the pedestrians, but if you are lucky enough sometimes one door opens long and wide enough to sneak a peek. In this case, if the door opened one would see an ex typography from the mid XX Century completely transformed by the creative genius of architect Hannes Peer.

The space is a rich mix of textures, precious materials and stunning design pieces, some created bespoke for the space, some others have been part of Peer’s collection for a long time.

Paysage, the chandelier that decorates the ceiling, is the result of the collaboration between Ermes and the architect. It is a system that is made of one by one meter modules which feature twenty-five opaline and transparent glass petals, textured by hand, hanging from a custom metal frame.

Photos by Giulio Ghirardi, Luca Fontana


Handcast Murano Glass Opalino and Transparent Chandelier

Modular system 
custom made upon request

Murano, 2019