Cotisso Pie

Year: 2018
Client: Miss Sixty
Where: Piazza Duomo, 31, Milan, IT

Miss Sixty’s 750 square meter flagship store in Milan is located in Piazza Duomo, the very heart of Europe’s fashion capital.

The store occupies four floors – two underground, the street level and the Miss Sixty Caffè on the first floor. The two last ones feature a breathtaking 200 square meters Murano glass chandelier.

The sky of glass is composed of hundreds of bespoke glass tiles, made with a patented technique of glass fusing called Cotisso Pie. This unique structure mesmerizes the visitor, fascinated by its mysterious nature.

Cotisso Pie is a thin glass tile with big raw glass rocks melted on top. This revolutionary patented glass-fusing technique, developed by our glass-masters, ensures that every tile is unique.

Photos by Delfino Sisto Lignani and Marco Cappelletti, Luca Fontana