Cotisso Rope

Module: 1 m
Density: 7 cotissi / m
Cotisso: ~100mm ø
Weight of the module: 1,75-2,5 kgs 


Photos by Francesco Palù, Ermes, Luca Fontana

Cotisso Rope is a modular chandelier made of hundreds of small glass rocks called cotissi.

Each cotisso is secured to a thin steel rope, and lit from above, making sure the crystals are blinking in all directions.

Once the mass of liquid glass is poured from the melting pot into a bucket of water, it rapidly cools down from 1200°C to room temperature, shattering into many smaller pieces, which are then selected and tempered for many hours to get their edges smooth and the surface perfectly transparent.
This extreme production process makes sure that each piece is unique.

Can you imagine a frozen waterfall as tall as a three-story building?

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